Zorchers are the main, if not only, weapon group found in Chex Quest and used by the Intergalactic Federation of Cereals. Usually consisting of two or more electrodes that generate the zorch charge itself, a main body containing the mechanism for the weapon, and a trigger, usually a simple push-button. The electrodes are the most common projectors for the zorch energy, but one zorcher launches projectiles while two others project zorch energy in the form of high-density energy balls. Also, some melee weapons are given a zorch charge so as to deliver a stronger punch.

The Zorcher, though now used to transport Flemoids to their own dimension, apparently made use of another type of damage in the past. In Chex Quest, the scientist explains that, to be able to counter the Flemoid threat, they had been forced to recalibrate their Zorchers, which had proven futile against the new opponents, to operate on the same 'phase frequency' as the IFC's transporters, thus transporting the Flemoids back to their own dimension.

Types of Zorchers Edit

This is a database that lists all current IFC weaponry. Due to Chex Quest being directly based on the Doom engine, you'll find many similarities.

Name Image Description Key Starting zorch Max zorch Doom equivalent
Bootspoon Bootspoon A close range, weak weapon. Do not use if you can possibly avoid it. In zorchmatch, if you zorch a player with it, it will say (As an example) "(Flemoid) was spoon fed by (Chex Warrior)" 1 Fist
Super Bootspork SuperBootspork Close range, it is much stronger than the Bootspoon. Technically fires 4 times faster than the Bootspoon. It is rapid enough to keep single enemies at arm's length. It spins around with zorching power. 1 Chainsaw
Mini Zorcher MiniZorcher Your basic, standard weapon. Slow rate of fire. Use for single Commonuses and the occasional Bipedicus, but not against Bipedicuses with armor or any other Flemoid stronger than that. 2 50 200 Pistol
Large Zorcher LargeZorcher Stronger than the Mini Zorcher, and it has spread like a shotgun. It will generally zorch Commonuses, Bipedicuses, Armored Bipedicuses, and Quadrumpuses in one shot. If two or three commonuses are bunched, it is possible to zorch all three with one shot due to the weapon's spread. Use for small to medium sized groups. 3 8 50 Shotgun
Rapid Zorcher RapidZorcher Rapid firing weapon. Use for medium to large groups. 4 20 200 Chaingun
Zorch Propulsor ZorchPropulsor Fires zorch energy in a blast radius or "gateway" and affects many Flemoids within an area. Do not use at close range, as it will send you partially through the "gateway", briefly exposing you to the Flemoid dimension. However, a later model included a newer "gateway" technology that eliminated this hazard. Use for large groups. 5 2 50 Rocket launcher
Phasing Zorcher PhasingZorcher Rapidly fires high-energy projectiles. Use for large groups. It's often the most useful Zorcher available. 6 40 300 Plasma gun
Large Area Zorching Device (LAZ) LAZDevice Extremely large blast area, it will zorch almost every Flemoid in sight as a result of a huge energy "gateway" opening. Unlike the Propulsor, this will not expose you to the Flemoid dimension. Use for huge groups. 7 40 300 BFG9000

Notes Edit

Once you get the Super Bootspork it takes over the first weapon slot and you can no longer use the Bootspoon.

The starting zorch amounts are for Gobs of Goo or higher difficulty levels. Lower difficulty levels give 2x zorch.

The Zorchpak increases the max zorch for each weapon by 2x.

See Ammunition for more information about ammo types and items.

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