To start off, I would like to quote the German-sounding professor: "...By recalibrating the phase frequency of our zorchers to match that of our transporters, we are able to send the Flemoids back to their own dimension! (zorches boxed Flemoid, and it disappears.)"

Well, due to some mods, especially the ones with Flemoidus Prime in it, say that a giant teleporter brings the trouble to us in the first place. This means that teleporters use "phase frequencies", which( I am making up what I don't know, but, in the Chex Universe, any thing is possible) means that other frequencies can go to other dimensions. The Flemoids could have found our frequency, and us theirs. They could jump between dimensions, and use our teleporters as the end of the line. If a person set a teleporter to the same frequency as their zorcher, it would lead to the Flemoid dimension, and, perhaps, Flemoidus Prime. So, you can decide what you want, but I think that Zorch was, and still is, just a dimension teleporter.

More support for zorch: One mod, Chaos on Flemoid Prime, says that you got there via being zorched.

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