ZDoom Wars is a ZDoom/Zandronum Doom wad created by Captain Ventris. It features Chex Quest characters.

Description Edit

In ZDoom Wars, the player has constantly regenerating health and mana, which is used to summon their minions for varying costs. There are two types of mana: normal mana, and Hero mana, which regenerates at 1/4 the rate of normal mana, but is much more valuable, as it can be used to buy more powerful units. Each player has several spawners, each showcasing a monster. Change weapons to switch through the monsters available, and click to summon them. Note that you have to have enough room around you and in front of you to summon the monster. A projectile fires from you upon clicking, spawning the monster on impact. Players are also able to upgrade certain monsters, referred to as Retro-fitting, or can buy them pre-upgraded, and each side has a special ability.

Though the player has quite a bit of health, they have no way to directly defend themselves, relying on their monsters. Luckily, players have been given a very high jump, are invulnerable to some monster's blast damage, and smaller monsters are able to be pushed aside. Some maps may contain hazards, which often cannot affect Hero Units, such as the Cyberdemon or Korax.

The statistics of all the monsters have been altered in order to better balance out the gameplay experience. The unique enemies of each game ensure varied battles, and the map-pack made for the wad very much heightens the experience.

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