The New Chex Quest, a project by Manny Cav

The New Chex Quest is a project by Manny Cav designed to make what a full Chex Quest IWAD might have looked like when Chex Quest was first released in 1996, with all Doom content replaced, including levels, maps, music, and sprites. As such, it is made to be compatible with the original Ultimate Doom engine. While the WAD can work with the original Ultimate Doom engine, the ZDoom source port is recommended due to a BEX patch used to change the text in the game.

The WAD is not based on chex.wad, but on a hidden WAD on the Chex Quest CD, DOOM.WAD. As such, there are subtle differences between the first five levels of chex.wad and The New Chex Quest, mostly in E1M4, where there are now three supercharge Breakfasts instead of the normal one.

The New Chex Quest is followed by The New Chex Quest 2 and Final Chex in the The New Chex Quest series by Manny Cav.

It is currently in its sixth Beta release.



A Flemoid Larva on E1M1: Landing Zone

The first step was to fill all the monster positions. This meant swapping the Flemoids' positions, as well as making new ones (Flemoidus Metallius). These are the positions as of 2007-06-22:

The Flemoid swapping has created some interesting effects, such as Flemoid Larva appearing on E1M1 and Bipedicuses with armor on E2M1.



A Flemoid Larva takes on a Bipedicus with armor on E2M1: Spaceport

Manny Image

E3M1: Military Outpost. Note the change of scenery objects from the original Chex Quest 3 map E1M1, and the use of the Rapid Zorcher in place of the super-zorcher

The project also merges Chex Quest, Chex Quest 2, and Chex Quest 3, making the five Chex Quest 2 levels take up the first five levels of Episode 2, "Terror in Chex City," and the five levels of Chex Quest 3 make up the first five levels of episode 3, "The Trail of a Cereal Killer." This is the first merging of all 3 original Chex Quest games into a single WAD.

As of 2007-06-25, The New Chex Quest is still unfinished, as not all of the leftover Doom maps have been replaced with Chex Quest maps that also work with the original Ultimate Doom engine. Here are the maps completed thus far:

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