The status bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen during gameplay and shows the player's status. The status bar can be removed from the screen by maximising the viewport, although it is still visible in automap mode.

Chex Quest status barEdit


The Chex Quest status bar is made of a blue texture overlaid with large yellow characters for key information, graphics for the face of the protagonist, and smaller characters for additional information.

The information displayed on the statusbar is (from left to right):

  • Zorch: The remaining zorch of the currently selected weapon, in large yellow characters.
  • Health: The player's health in large yellow characters. This can range from zero to 200 percent. If it is reduced to zero percent the player will be slimed.
  • Graphics of the protagonist's face. This gives an immediate indicator of health and also reacts to events such as damage to the player. Specifically, if the player is slimed, the face turns and looks in the direction of the attack; a new weapon causes the face to give a thumbs up briefly; and as health falls, the face becomes increasinly covered in slime. If the player has activated davidbrus or the invulnerability cheat, or picks up the invulnerability powerup, the face has glowing red eyes while idle.
  • Armor: The current amount of armoring that protects the player in large yellow characters. This can range from zero to 200 percent (and, in versions of Chex Quest prior to v1.2, a much larger value).
  • Graphics of the keys obtained by the player for the current level.
  • The remaining and maximum ammo for all four ammunition types (mini zorch recharges, large zorch recharges, zorch propulsor recharges and phasing zorch recharges), in small yellow characters. These do not appear in the original Chex Quest, and may or may not appear in various mods.


As with all graphics in Chex Quest, the status bar graphics can be replaced. Generally, only the texture of the status bar is changed by modders.


However, ZDooM and some of its variants allow modders to completely redefine the status bar using the SBARINFO resource. Potentially, the layout and information displayed can be signifigantly different than described above.

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