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Known for their obscurity, Since5's Pwads are very, very odd. Levels include but are not limited to, large buildings, city-scape-esque environments, and simple yet outlandish places that nobody can quite determine the basis of. Some recall a billboard sprite based flemoid intended to challenge players, it was the first chex equivalent to Doom's cyberdemon, shoddy as it may have been. His wads are also known to use scripting, and it's evident that he takes every chance he can to use scripting, even if it doesn't quite fit the map.

Resources Edit

Since5 has created a Configuration file for Doom Builder, but few are known to use it as it is now considered out-dated and was only originally for his personal use until he shared it with the public when mapping and modding was becoming popular within the Doom Community.

Other Works Edit

Since5 has worked on several other small pwads, including deathmatch and co-op for doom2, but he has since lost all of these projects in a horrible computer crash and none are known to have any remaining copies of these works.

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All works by since5 can be found at his website:

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