Chex Quest: Return of the Queen is a Doom II Total Conversion for Doom Legacy. It is going to consist of several WADs including the main adventure as well as some multiplayer levels. So far Annihilation Softwares, has put the game out as many Alphas as possible trying to show what he can do. "Chex Quest: Return of the Queen" follows a storyline from Chaos on Flemoid Prime, continuing the story of Fred Chexter as he vanquishes the Flemoids from the Galaxy that the planet cereal is in. Chex Quest Return of the Queen is a project made from Freedoom (A project to create free Doom WADs for public use) and the wad itself is going to be original. Right now it's in its Alpha stages and will not be complete for some time.


The old Queen is dead and the last Flemoid mutated into the new queen. She is causing disruptions in Space and Time through taking over a time base that was going to be used in destroying the Flemoids for good. The purpose of this time base was to eliminate the Queen from ever being formed.

The thing is The federation made a dimension device to send away their convicts and one happened to land on Flemoid Prime and found a radioactive slime that covered him and turned him into the first Flemoid. Then he made his army and made himself Queen.

That's how the great Flemoid invasion began.

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