The Ralston Gamma Robotics Laboratory is the location at which all development of the new robot, nicknamed Hau, took place.


The Ralston Gamma Robotics Laboratory (RGRL) started just after the invasion on Bazoik. The project was struggling before the invasion, but the Science Director gave the Gamma team a green light to start constructing a massive laboratory complex for the design of autonomous devices.


At the time of H. A. U. (the game), RGRL had created several robots and stationary autonomous target-seeking turrets. Hau, the laboratory's main project, had been in development since the first invasion of Chex City. The Science Director of the Intergalactic Federation of Cereals had realized the need for a new "supersoldier", and what better supersoldier than a robot? RGRL began development immediately, with shifts of scientists working around the clock on developing a new, sentient, artificial life form that could take down the Flemoids. After tens of thousands of prototypes, they finally struck gold with Hau Prototype 54732. 54732's blueprints were taken to the construction sector one last time. And thus, Hau was created. However, before mass production could begin, a spatial anomaly wiped out all life on Ralston. Hau was left alone to figure out what had happened and how to escape the deserted planet. But he wasn't alone, which he soon found out after escaping the laboratories.

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