H. A. U. is the main character of the game of the same title. He is an artifical life form.


H. A. U. (nicknamed Hau, pronounced "how") is an acronym, standing for Highly Augmentable Unit. Hau lives up to his name by being so adaptive to any situation that he could survive anywhere, doing anything - except swimming. Hau cannot swim. Ever.

Hau can use multiple Zorcher augmentations (or "attachments") to combat almost any foe. He is also compatible with hardware developed by the Ralston Gamma Robotics Laboratory, where he was created.


Hau was created at the Ralston Gamma Robotics Laboratory, after 54,732 prototypes were tested. Almost immediately following his permanent activation, a spatial anomaly seemingly wiped out all life on Ralston, and Hau was left alone on the deserted planet to fend for himself. He sets an objective - to escape from Ralston and hook up with the Intergalactic Federation fleet in orbit around Bazoik.


While being unable to talk, Hau expresses his unique personality in many ways. For example, he is open to negotiations with both the Flemoids and the Chex people. Hau cares deeply for any artificial life form like himself, and will often go to great lengths to protect such a life form. Hau prizes knowledge in any form, and thus downloads much of the Intergalactic Federation's databanks. Usually peace-loving, he will retaliate quickly if attacked.

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