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Flemoids are evil, cereal eating creatures from another dimension. They invaded the Intergalactic Federation of Cereals after a massive volcanic eruption on Bazoik. Made entirely of slime, they are unaffected by conventional weapons, and they will take down any cereal that they come across.

First Generation[]

Name of Flemoid Doom Enemy it Replaces Description
FLEMA1.png Flemoidus Commonus Zombieman This is the weakest and most common Flemoid variety there is. It is very slow, but you should still be cautious. It attacks by throwing slime from its nose, but cannot throw it very far.
FLE2C2C8.png Flemoidus Bipedicus Shotgun guy This guy is much faster and stronger than the Commonus, and is the one of only two varieties of Flemoids to walk on two legs. It is still very common. They are not as strong as the next guy in line, but stay on the alert! It throws slime from its two arms, as well as its nose, resulting in a much more powerful blast than the Commonus.
SUTFA1.png Armored Flemoidus Bipedicus Imp This is a stronger variation of the Bipedicus. When you see him you know he earned his armor! He's fairly rare, but still not too uncommon. His means of attack is an unusual one. In addition to throwing slime a short distance from his nose and arms, as the regular ones do, it throws a ball of slime that can travel long distances. Use caution.
CYCLC1.png Flemoidus Cycloptis Demon This creepy thing is well... creepy! It floats and is scary. He is very fast, strong, and he wastes rounds of zorch! He has no solid form, so he's held together by a metal suit. Its means of attack is close range only, but do not let it get close enough to attack you, as it has a very strong attack.
BOSSB0.png The Flembrane Baron of Hell This is him. The big bad guy that started it all! He is an extremely tough, immobile wall of slime that shoots slime balls bigger than your head! He planned the invasion of our dimension, and is the last thing between you and its prisoners. He won't stop shooting you until he's sent back! Use extreme caution when dealing with him.

Second Generation[]

Name of Flemoid Doom Enemy it Replaces Description
QUADB1.png Flemoidus Quadrumpus Imp This hunk of muscle is cartoony, but don't be like 'Awww he's so cute!' he is still a very strong guy, and packs a punch. His means of attack is very similar to that of the Bipedicus with armor, but instead of two arms, it has four! He only appears in Chex Quest 2 and the last level of Chex Quest 3.
LRVAA1.png Flemoid Larva Demon Aww, its a baby Flemoid! Wait... eww, it's ugly! Yes, this demonic looking green worm is very creepy. It's as fast and strong as the Cycloptis, only it doesn't float! It's attacks are close range, but he's still creepy far away! He usually only appears in Chex Quest 2, but makes an appearance in the Caverns of Bazoik level in The Ultimate Chex Quest.
BOS2B1.png Flemoidus Maximus Baron of Hell This big nosed Flemmie is what keeps you up at night! He planned the attack on Chex City, and is one of the strongest Flemoids ever, tied with the Flembrane! He's slow but strong, and shoots slime balls bigger then your head! He first appears in Chex Quest 2.

Third Generation[]

Name of Flemoid Doom Enemy it Replaces Description
Flemoidus Cycloptis Ultricus.png Flemoidus Cycloptis Ultricus Cacodemon For Chex Quest's 10th anniversary, Charles Jacobi treated the fans with an official Cacodemon replacement! The fans struggled to make a name until a poll was run, which decided that Flemoidus Cycloptis Ultricus would be its Latin name and Super Cycloptis be its common name (Though in Chex Quest 3, the name 'Super Cycloptis' appears exclusively). It appears in CQ3 as a common foe - it is the first new enemy seen in Chex Quest 3.
EAMO.PNG Flemoidus Stridicus Demon Another Chex Quest 3 replacement, the Flemoidus Stridicus is the fastest flemoid EVER! Named after its legs and long strides, it needs to bend down to strike you. Zorch it before it does!
SMBA.PNG Flem Mine Lost Soul The third new CQ3 enemy, first appearing in E3M4. This remote controlled slime ball flies around, trying to jet itself towards you with its slime that propels itself off the nearest wall.
SMR.PNG The Flembomination Spider Mastermind The first boss monster in Chex Quest 3, it shoots plenty of Super Cycloptis slime balls at you. It only appears in E3M3 of Chex Quest 3.
Cycber.PNG Lord Snotfolus Cyberdemon Lord Snotfolus is indeed the lord of all flemoids, commanding from his Flem Meteorship. He was willing to give it up to send slime all over Ralston, but not ready for an eager Chex Warrior to send him back. He launches a lot of Flembrane slimeballs at the player. He only appears in E3M5.

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