The Flemoid home world and the setting of Chaos on Flemoid Prime, as well as having an appearance in The Final Fight. At first envisioned as mostly barren and devoid of technology, the vision has been changed to reveal that the Flemoids have a good amount of technology of their own. Chaos on Flemoid Prime plans to show that the flemoids have technology almost as advanced as the Federation's own, thus explaining the undetected invasion of the Chex Warrior's own planet in Chex Quest 2. More information on Flemoid Prime will be revealed as it becomes available.


The surface of the planet is similar in structure to the mines on the mining planet of Bazoik, explaining the quick adaptation of the Flemoids to the foreign environment. The reservoirs of nutritional substances have been long since depleted, thus inciting the Flemoids to seek out a new home world. There are three main continents which are surrounded by seas of slime. The largest contains the most cities, and their capital city, Flemtopolis. This continent is the main focus of the Federation's studies on the Flemoid planet.


The atmosphere on Flemoid Prime is probably toxic to almost all forms of life except the Flemoids. The Flemoids can most likely survive it for the simple reason that they probably don't breath, and need only nutritional substances to survive on any planetoid. Because of the noxious atmospheric conditions, the Warrior must make use of a new suit to filter the air in Chaos on Flemoid Prime.

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