In the original Chex Quest, nothing is revealed about the Flemoid Dimension, other than it is where the Flemoids go when the player zorches them. The Flemoid Dimension is also the assumed origin / source of the Flemoids. Little is known about how the Flemoids came into existence.

In the game intro of the original Chex Quest, it is said that tiny Flemoid specimens were captured on an asteroid sample by a squadron of the Intergalactic Federation of Cereals. The asteroid was from the planet Bazoik, although it is not revealed as to how the Flemoids came to Bazoik from the Flemoid Dimension.

Chex Quest fans have for a long time speculated as to what the Flemoid Dimension is, and what it is like. Some have said that the Flemoids are actually mutant cereal people who have been to a dimension full of milk, and returned soggy, vile, and hostile. Others say that the Flemoids are like mucus from the back of a throat, which is why they "eat" cereal, just as mucus sort of does in the back of your throat. These are only speculations though, and the Flemoid Dimension itself is never revealed in Chex Quest. However, a chunk of the flemoid dimension- a huge meteor spaceship- lands on Ralston- There are lots of weird crevices and icky lifeforms in there, not all of them flem. Only the Chex Warrior has been inside the thing.

However, the Flemoid Dimension is shown in some mods for the game. The following is a description of the world found in those mods.

Newmaps: A Chex Quest Mod[edit | edit source]

In the third episode of Newmaps, the Flemoid Dimension is shown to have a somewhat solid structure, with a rocky surface that has a composition similar to that of Bazoik, and a sky made of slime.

Chaos on Flemoid Prime[edit | edit source]

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