A picture of a Flem Mine.

A small slime ball that flies around, charging at you then spraying slime in every deriction.

Lost Soul[edit | edit source]

These guys are one of the four enemies that weren't replaced with a flemoid. They do not appear in any of the normal levels, but are frequently encountered on the episodes 2, 3, and 4 of Doom. Because they have no sprites in Chex Quest, they are completely invisible and extremely hard to fight, though some OpenGL source ports make light appear when they are near.

In Chex Quest 3 the Lost Soul is replaced with the Flem Mine.

DECORATE[edit | edit source]

ACTOR FlemMine replaces LostSoul 4006
	Game Chex
	SpawnID 110
	Health 100
	Radius 16
	Height 56
	Mass 50
	damagefactor "Flem", 0.0  //flem damage doesn't hurt flemoids
	Speed 8
	Damage 3
	PainChance 256
	SeeSound "skull/sight"
	AttackSound "skull/melee"
	PainSound "skull/pain"
	DeathSound "skull/death"
	ActiveSound "skull/active"
	Obituary "$OB_FLEMMINE"
		SKUL AB 10 A_Look
		SKUL AB 6 A_Chase
		SKUL C 10 A_FaceTarget
		SKUL D 4 A_SkullAttack
		SKUL CD 4 
		Goto Missile+2
		SKUL E 3 
		SKUL E 3 A_Pain
		Goto See
		SKUL F 6 
		SKUL G 6 A_Scream
		SKUL H 6 
		SKUL I 6 A_NoBlocking
		SKUL J 6
		SKUL K 6
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