The fourth level in Chex Quest 3.


E3M4 Provincial Park

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This level is extremely difficult compared to all others that came before it. There large numbers of Stridicus, a large flemoid that takes many hits with zorchers to take down (a "zorch sponge" if you will), scattered throughout the level in groups. In addition, Zorch charges, health, and armor are much harder to come by in this level than in any other before it. The last stretch is an absolute slugfest with vast numbers of Flem Mines and several Super Cycloptis, leading to the crashsite of the Meteor Spaceship.

Secret Area 1

Look for a hole in the wall in the first cabin. Go through and follow the tunnel until you find a balanced breakfast. Watch out for the armored Bipedicus!

Secret Area 2

After taking the first lift, go to left. Hug the cliff wall until you find an opening with a chex armor inside.

Secret Area 3

In the last cabin on the right, just before the Chex Lounge, there is a clock on the wall. Use the interact button to move the clock and reveal a secret area with a 2nd Chex Armor.

Secret Area 4

After leaving the Chex Lounge and encountering the Flem Mines, hug the right wall on the first ledge. This will lead you to an area with a stridicus, and two Phasing Zorcher recharge packs.

Secret Area 5


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