E3M2 United Cereals

Secret Area 1

The second level in Chex Quest 3.

Secret Area 2

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E3M2: United Cereals is the second level of Chex Quest 3.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

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Secret areas[edit | edit source]

Secret area 1: After opening the blue access door and navigating the transporters. Follow the 2nd hallway, and open the unmarked door. Inside there is a vent on the left side of the room. Enter it. At the end of the vent there is chex super-armor suit. Note: getting the yellow key first will save some time.

Secret area 2: After opening the yellow access door walk op a small set of stairs. On the left there is a set of lockers. Open them. Inside you’ll find a suit of chex armor. Make sure you open the lock once inside so that you can continue on with the level.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]


Chex Quest E3M2

A gameplay of E3M2: United Cereals, playing in Extreme Ooze skill level.

Par time: 5:00

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