Arboretum is the fourth botanical level of Chex Quest

E1M4 Arboretum

Level Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

You start out in a confined room with an elevator in front of you. Equip your Large Zorcher (press 3) and activate the elevator. It's a long way up. When there, zorch all of the Flemoids you see and go down the hall and turn left to a switch. It opens a door further down. Go down there and turn right onto a flight of stairs. Zorch the Bipedicus and go to the first long door. Get a good zorcher out, like your Rapid Zorcher (press 4) and go inside. It is a circular room with a bunch of Flemoids in it. Go back out and follow the hallway to a regular-sized door. Open it and zorch the Bipedicus inside. Turn right fist and get the blue key, then get the rapid zorcher and the super chex on the other end. Go to the end of the hallway to a wall with lights on it. It's a door. Go inside, zorch the Commonus, and get the battery. Go back out of the long hallway to the blue door.

Blue Door[edit | edit source]

Open the door and zorch all the Bipedicus inside. The yellow door sits in the corner, but don't worry about it for now. Open the door that reveals two Bipedicus and a Zorchpak. Get it and activate the switch on the wall. Go back out of the blue door and up the flight of stairs. Next to a tree is a vent. Go inside it and equip your Large Zorcher. Follow the vent until you come to an opening. Go partway out, then go back in. You wake up a Cycloptis guarding the yellow key. Zorch him and get the key. Go back to the blue door. Inside is the yellow door.

Yellow Door[edit | edit source]

Equip the LAZ Device if you have it (press 7) and open the yellow door. Fire it and all the Flemoids return to their dimension. Get all the items and go to the next yellow door. Inside is a giant maze. Take the right path and you find a Supercharge Breakfast. Then walk around until you find a door. Go inside and Zorch the Cycloptis. The next room is a small room with two Bipedicus inside with the switch to level 5. Zorch them, then you're done.

Secrets[edit | edit source]

  1. In the 2nd room to the right is a vent. It leads to the room with a Zorchpak.
  2. In the room with the blue key, the side with the rapid zorcher has a wall you can go through leading to Super Chex Armor.
  3. Next to the room with the blue key is a tree with a vent. It leads to the room with the yellow key.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]


Chex Quest - Arboretum

A gameplay of E1M4: Arboretum, played in Super Slimey skill level.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Par time: 3:20

Map data[edit | edit source]

Things 224
Vertexes 878
Linedefs 1021
Sidedefs 1309
Sectors 148

Things[edit | edit source]

Commonus 25
Bipedicus 20
Cycloptis 3
Bipedicus with Armor 8
Slime Repellent 4
Super Chex Armor 1
Glasses of Water 7
Bowls of Fruit 3
Bowls of Vegetables 2
Rapid Zorchers 1
Mini Zorch Recharges 13
Mini zorch packs 3
Large Zorcher packs 1
Boxes of Propulsor Zorch 1
Zorchpaks 3
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