The Museum is the third level of Chex Quest 2.


E1M3 Chex Museum

Walkthrough Edit

From the starting position, turn left and enter the museum. Turn right, and then turn right again, and enter the courtyard with the giant spoon. Get the blue key, go back inside, and enter the blue door. Go up the stairs, and head across the main room. Go up the other set of stairs, and grab the yellow key. Head back down the two sets of stairs, go out the blue door, and enter the yellow door. Take an immediate left and go down the stairs. Continue through the two rooms in front of you. Turn left, go down the stairs, and get the red key. Go back up the stairs, and take the first door you come to on your left. Go in the teleporter, and you will be in an alcove above the big room in the museum. Jump down, and head up the stairs on your left. Enter the red door, and go in the teleporter. You are now in a large hedge maze. go down the path straight ahead, then turn left. Turn left again. Turn right. Continue straight. Turn left, and just keep following the path to the exit.


E1M3 Chex Museum


1. In the big room, activate the painting of the woman with the pitcher. A door will open on your right. But be careful, as you only have a short time before the door closes permanently. However, it will stay open if you enter the secret room in time. There is a LAZ Device and a bowl of vegetables inside.
2. In the dark maze, from the entrance, go straight, then open the door on your right. Then turn right again, and head up the stairs. There is a Supercharge Breakfast up there.

Glitches Edit

  • In the dark maze, there is a secret hallway with a Supercharge Breakfast in it. However, the hallway is too small for you to fit! There is one entrance with a cut-off lock pad, one that glitches as if you had gone into noclip mode when you go near it, and one a floor above on the opposite side.


Map dataEdit






Slime repellent6
Super Chex armor1
Glasses of water5
Bowls of fruit1
Bowls of vegetables6


Large Zorchers2
Rapid Zorchers2
Zorch Propulsors1
LAZ Devices1


Mini Zorcher recharges13
Box of Mini Zorch2
Box of Large Zorch2

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