E1M2 Storage Facility

The Storage Facility is the second level of Chex Quest, given the designation of E1M2.

Walkthrough Edit

From the starting room, go out into the main area and go up one of the two sets of stairs. Get the yellow key. Go back down, then go down another set of stairs, go in the yellow door, then enter the teleporter. Go through the door straight ahead, then go up the elevator. Go down the hallway to the largest of the three rooms, and get either the blue or red key, depending on which teleporter you entered. Go back down, and enter the teleporter. Go in the yellow door behind you. Do the same thing you did on the other side. After teleporting back, go up the stairs, and go down the elevator at the North end of the room. Go through one of the doors on your left or right. Continue forward, and go in the teleporter. Press the switch, and then go in the teleporter. Go straight ahead, open the door, then go to the end of the room and press the switch.

Secrets Edit

First Edit

Through the teleporter behind the yellow door on the West end of the map, there is a large stack of crates next to the wall. Using the elevator, get on top of the crates, then open the wall that looks slightly different than the rest of it. Inside is a LAZ Device, and the Digital Café portrait easter egg.

Second Edit

In the West Yellow Door Teleporter Sector a teleporter to the East Yellow Door Teleporter Sector can be opened by clicking the "USE" key on the south side of the one large set of crates in the same room.

Third Edit

In the East Yellow Door Teleporter Sector a teleporter to the West Yellow Door Teleporter Sector can be opened by clicking the "USE" key on the north side of the cabinets in the same room.

Fourth Edit

Inside the end room (the end rooms are those that hold the Keys) on the back of the farthest north under ailed (one with no Chex logo, just brown with lines) crate in the middle of the room is a switch on the back that can be activated with the "USE" key which opens a door in the east room of the east cross of the East Yellow Door Teleporter Sector with a Phasing Zorcher and a Phasing Zorch Pack

Statistics Edit

Par time: 6:00

Counters Edit


Entities Edit


Bipedicus with armor5


Slime repellent7
Chex armor2
Super Chex armor2
Glasses of water13
Bowls of fruit6
Bowls of vegetables7
Supercharge breakfast1


Rapid Zorchers3
Zorch Propulsors2
Phasing Zorchers3
LAZ Devices1


Mini Zorcher recharges7
Mini Zorcher packs3
Large Zorcher packs3
Boxes of Propulsor zorch1
Phasing Zorcher packs7

Gameplay Edit

Chex Quest 1 Level 2

Chex Quest 1 Level 2

A gameplay of E1M2: Storage Facility, played in Super Slimey skill level.

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