Spaceport is the first level of Chex Quest 2.


E1M1 Spaceport


When you start go forward,you'll see some Flemoids. Go in their direction and take a left, you'll see stairs going down, take them and then go left. Go through the big door in front of you. On the left side of the hangar, there is a elevator. Take it, go around the bend, grab the blue key and jump off the ledge. Now exit the hangar and turn left. Go in the blue door, and follow the series of rooms. When you come to a fork, go left and pick up the red key. Jump out the window, and enter one of the two red doors. Go to the other side of the hangar, and press the switch.


  1. When you start the level, there is a cafe on the left side. Inside is an air vent that lets you enter the kitchen. Inside that, is a Supercharge Breakfast, a Large Zorcher, and a Zorchpak.
  2. When you got the blue key, the elevator lowered on the north side of the hangar. Go up it, and there is a Zorch Propulsor, a Supercharge Breakfast, and some boxes of Propulsor zorch.
  3. In the first hanger room take a left, there is an air vent with a Rapid Zorcher in it.
  4. When you enter the second hangar, to the right is a false wall. Walk through it, and inside is a Phasing Zorcher, a Phasing Zorcher pack, a Supercharge Breakfast, and a Super Chex Armor.


  • When you first start, go straight. There is a false wall at the end of the street. Go inside, and go up the elevator. Go through the opening on your left, continue straight, and you will be in the red key room.

Glitches Edit

WARNING: Do NOT go through the Red Key Access door on the left-hand side (south end) of the two red doors, your game will crash.

Another glitch is that, in the original Chex 2, E2M1, if you were to fire the hand zorcher at the hidden corridor in the second hanger, the ceiling would begin to lower down to the floor. If you were to keep firing on it, almost everything would be inaccessible, the level would become ruined (including the exit terminal, even if you were to use the CHARLESJACOBI noclip cheat) and you would have to start the level over.


Map dataEdit






Slime Repellent5
Super Chex Armor1
Glasses of water6
Bowls of fruit3
Bowls of vegetables3
Supercharge Breakfast3


Large Zorchers2
Rapid Zorchers1
Zorch Propulsors1
Phasing Zorchers1


Mini zorch packs1
Large Zorcher packs3
Zorch propulsor pack2
Phasing Zorcher packs1

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