Chex Quest Music - LANDING (E1M1)

Chex Quest Music - LANDING (E1M1)

Landing Zone Music

The Landing Zone is the first level of Chex Quest, given the designation of E1M1.

Walkthrough Edit


E1M1 Landing Zone

From the starting position, turn around and open the door. Inside, there will be a Flemoid and a blue key. After retrieving the blue key, go back outside and go down the short hallway on the other side of the spaceship, and open the door at the end. After entering and zorching the Flemoids in the room, go down the hallway to your right, turn left, then take an immediate right. Go across the field, and enter the blue door. Retrieve the red key, and go out the other door. Go down the stars on your left side, and enter the red door. Go to the end of the room and press the switch.

Secrets Edit

  1. In the room with the blue key, the back wall with the lights on it is actually a door. Open it, and inside is a Rapid Zorcher.
  2. In the lower landing zone, in the left hangar door, there is a section of the wall that has a gauge on it. Open it, and inside is a bowl of vegetables.
  3. In the final room, there is a picture of General Puffer with some slime on it. Open it, and inside is a suit of Chex Armor.

Statistics Edit

Par time: 2:00

Counters Edit


Entities Edit




Slime repellent9
Chex Armor1
Glasses of water7
Bowls of fruit3
Bowls of vegetables1


Rapid Zorchers1


Mini Zorch Recharges6
Mini zorch packs1

Gameplay Edit

Chex Quest 1, Level 1

Chex Quest 1, Level 1

A gameplay of E1M1: Landing Zone, played in Super Slimey skill level.

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