The Chex Warrior — Fred Chexter is the protagonist in all current Chex Quest related games. Always seen wearing body armor (resembling, oddly enough, a Chex piece), he hails from Chex Squadron. His clothes consist of his armor, a blue shirt, blue pants, gray gloves, and gray boots. He seems to be modeled after a marine, and has a deep, booming voice.


Known as "kind of shy and studious" in high school, Fred Chexter came into his own after joining the IFC Command Force in 2198. Within five years he was commissioned as the youngest squadron leader in IFC history. Today he leads the Chex Squadron, an intergalactic SWAT team called in to quell disputes along the Federation's deep space frontiers. Still considered "quiet and unassuming" by his many friends, the Chex Warrior is somebody that no denizen of intergalactic evil dares "mess with" in battle...that is, except the flemoids.

Chex QuestEdit

In Chex Quest, the Warrior gets the call to save the citizens of Bazoik from the evil Flemoids. He travels through several facilities to get to the Flembrane, the leader of the Flemoid invasion force.

Chex Quest 2: Flemoids Take ChextropolisEdit

In Chex Quest 2, the Warrior returns to his home planet. Once there, he finds out that another Flemoid force has attacked, and that, once again, he has been called to save the day


The Chex Warrior. Drawing by Charles Jacobi.


// Chex Warrior ---------------------------------------------------------
//actor ChexPlayer : DoomPlayer
//	damagefactor "Zorch", 0.0
//	player.displayname "Chex Warrior"
//	player.crouchsprite ""
//	player.colorrange 192, 207 //Not perfect, but its better than everyone being blue.
//	player.startitem "MiniZorcher"
//	player.startitem "Bootspoon"
//	player.startitem "MiniZorchRecharge", 50
//	player.damagescreencolor "60 b0 58"

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