#chexquest, the Chex Quest IRC channel, was founded May 30, 2007 by Xbolt. Several members of the Chex Quest Fan Forums had started posting excessively, and so Xbolt started the channel as a place where everyone can talk however much they want. But nobody really used the chat, and Xbolt regarded the experiment as a failure.


However, on February 23, 2008, longtime board member GameMaster was willing to give the idea another chance and relaunched #chexquest on a brand new server. It was hosted on, but was shut down due to lack of activity a few months later.

CQFF ChatroomEdit

Briefly, there was a web-based chatroom run by Pikazec. However, it was slow and bugged. His account was hacked later but thankfully no damage was done to the forums.


After this, Richie approached GameMaster for his help in making another IRC channel. The idea was ditched for an AJAX-based chat room, hosted by the board.

Red KingEdit

After some time, the AJAX chat slowed down the boards considerably, and eventually corrupted the installation of the forum software. After this, Richie decided to go with an IRC chat, this time hosted on Red King. This is now the current #chexquest channel.

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