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Chex Quest HD is a 2020 remake of the original five-level episode of Chex Quest.



At the IFS Space Station in the Gamma Sector, Dr. Josh Crispinbowl explains to the IFS that a volcanic explosion on planet Bazoik revealed the existence of Flemoids, a race of evil snack-eating aliens from another dimension. Totino's Pete Zaroll, General Mills, and General Floater Breakfaust gasp in astonishment. He says they're immune to conventional weaponry, but by recalibrating their zorchers, they can "zorch" the Flemoids back to their own dimension. Admiral Muriel Wheet reports that the Flemoids have taken over Bazoik and captured their people there, including five members of the Chex Mix Squadron, and they need a volunteer to rescue them. General Rolley Puffer asks "What soldier'd be fool enough to enter a cavern full of unstoppable Flemoids from another dimension?" The last member of the Chex Mix Squadron volunteers, flies their spaceship to the Landing Zone on Bazoik, and heads for the caverns.


The five levels of Chex Quest HD are based on those of the original Chex Quest:


The player character frees his/her comrades from Flembrane's mucus trap at the Caverns of Bazoik and they head towards the ship. Fred cries "Oh no!" as the remaining Flemoids attack them. The reunited Chex Mix Squadron zorches their way back inside and starts to take off in their spaceship, but it's stuck to the ground by mucus, and whether or not they break free is briefly left on a cliffhanger. Admiral Wheet gives a speech of condolence to all of the nutrients and Chex Mix Warriors who were lost to the Flemoid horde. But the Squadron survived, and she awards each of them the Intergalactic Chexdallion of Bravery, saying "You truly are the perfect mix."


Before the final credits, an ending scene plays, which varies depending on which character you played as:

  • Fred Chexter returns home to raise his three children, hoping to leave saving the galaxy to the next generation, but cries "Oh no!" at the sight of a Flemoid out their window. Chex Quest 2's Spaceport music plays during the scene.
  • Wheatney Chexworth can't enjoy the victory party knowing the Flemoids are still out there, so she convinces Admiral Wheet and Dr. Crispinbowl to zorch her to the Flemoids' dimension to keep them from causing trouble again. Chex Quest 3's Villa Chex music plays during the scene.
  • Dr. O'Ryen, in a pixelated DOS-style ending narration, goes back to 1996 to stop the game's original developer from creating the Flemoids in the first place, but admits she may have made things worse. An 8-bit version of Chex Quest 2's City Streets music plays during the scene.
  • Shane 'The Dread' McBread returns to his Old West-style hometown, where he's named sheriff. But he can't resist the lure of adventure, and rides off into the sunrise. Chex Quest 2's Cinema music plays during the scene.
  • NACL96 returns to stand-up, but bombs at the comedy club. Admiral Wheet walks in, and NACL96 pleas she's there to send him back to Bazoik. No music plays during the scene.
  • P.R.E.T.Z.L. turns on his text-to-speech switch, saying the IFS elected him to manage the Chex Mix social media accounts. He enjoys the peace of office life, but predicts it won't last and he'll need to return to Bazoik. Chex Quest 3's Central Command music plays during the scene.
  • Upon a 100% complete playthrough, General Puffer will award you for saving each member of the Chex Mix Squadron with a printable Certificate of Chexellence naming you the official Door Unlocking Champion of the Universe, or at least the Gamma Sector. No music plays during his speech.

Co-Op Mode[]

General Puffer eats bowls of Chex Cereal with the Chex Mix Squadron and congratulates them for a job well done. Suddenly, Fred Chexter sneezes out a small Flemoid, then a full-sized CD-ROM. They're surprised, since they thought all CDs were discarded in Y2K. It turns out to be a combat training simulation for fighting waves Flemoids with friends, and they pop it in to play it. The Co-Op level contains new purple varieties of standard Flemoids, giant retro 90s objects in the background like audio tape recorders and VHS tapes, and a museum of Chex Quest artwork old and new, including some of Tom Scioli's illustrations from Untold Tales of Chex Quest #1.


  • Fred Chexter - Nicholas Lindell
  • Wheatney Chexworth - Olivia Olson (the voice of Marceline on Adventure Time)
  • Shane 'The Dread' McBread - Barrett Lewis
  • Dr. O'Ryen - Misty Lee (the host of Unicorn Wednesday)
  • NACL96 - Mikey Kelley (the voice of Mikey in TMNT 2007)
  • P.R.E.T.Z.L. - Frank Pittenger (the audio engineer at Flight School Studio)
  • Admiral Muriel Wheet - Courtney Taylor
  • Dr. Josh Crispinbowl - Barry Gordon (the original voice of Donatello on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • General Rolley Puffer - Barrett Lewis (Shane's VA)

Differences from the original game[]

  • Whereas Chex Quest 1 and 2 used the Doom Engine with 2D sprites, and Chex Quest 3 used the ZDoom Engine with 2D sprites, Chex Quest HD uses Unreal Engine 4.22 with full 3D models for characters, enemies, weapons, props, and environments. As such, it is 2364 MB large, where Chex Quest 3 is only 24 MB.
  • The Chex Squadron is now the Chex Mix Squadron, consisting of six playable characters each based on one of the six different kinds of Chex Mix snack pieces: Fred Chexter (Corn Chex), Wheatney Chexworth (Wheat Chex), Dr. O'Ryen (Rye Chip), Shane 'The Dread' McBread (Squiggle Breadstick), NACL96 (Round Pretzel), and P.R.E.T.Z.L. (Square Pretzel).
  • The Intergalactic Federation of Cereals is now the Intergalactic Federation of Snacks, or IFS for short.
  • The cutscenes are now 2D cartoon animations instead of pre-rendered 3D animations.
  • Multiplayer is available, but only by inputting one or more of the six playable characters' unlock codes into the code entry bar. It's also only limited to split-screen local multiplayer, with only up to four players in one match at a time, and only through the use of multiple game controllers on the same PC. The original Chex Quest Multiplayer is an unofficial, fan-created release, but it allows any number of players to play as Chex Warriors and zorch each other on the same map, with each player able to use their own individual computer with keyboard support through the internet instead of split-screen on a single, local device with game controllers.
  • The playable characters have lines of dialog they speak at various points in the game.
  • Unlike the original Chex Quest, there is as of now no modding support for Chex Quest HD nor HD ports of Chex Quest 2 or 3.
  • The soundtrack has been remade based on the original midi tracks, but there is no option to use the original music or any other versions of the music besides the versions the game comes with.
  • There are new post-game ending cutscenes wholly original to the remake, which differ based on which character you play as.
  • Additional secrets and computer terminals have been added throughout the maps.
  • A small additional post-game cutscene plays to acknowledge a 100% complete playthrough.
  • Depending on which playable character you select, their armor or eyewear HUD may block out the edges of your screen and obstruct your view of your surroundings.
  • The original game was a CD-ROM that came free with the purchase of any specially-marked boxes of Chex cereal. Chex Mix HD is free to play on the online video game platform Steam (which requires a free Steam account), and the playable characters' unlock codes can be found on or on specially-marked packages of Chex Mix.
  • The original Chex Quest was developed by Digital Cafe (Charles "Chukker" Jacobi, Scott Holman, Andrew "drooben" Benson, etc.) and published by Ralston Purina. The remake was developed by Team Chex Quest HD and Flight School Studio and published by General Mills.


  • "However, by recalibrating the phase frequency of our zorchers, we can send the Flemoids back to their own dimension!"
    — Dr. Crispinbowl
  • "We need a volunteer to fly to the caverns of Bazoik and attempt to rescue the missing units there."
    — Admiral Wheet
  • "That's ridiculous. What soldier'd be fool enough to enter a cavern full of unstoppable Flemoids from another dimension?"
    — General Puffer
  • "I'm from Chex Mix Squadron, and I volunteer! Setting coordinates for adventure."
    — Fred Chexter Intro
  • "Please help us! We're stuck."
    — The Chex Mix Squadron
  • "Do not struggle. In this timeline, you're safe. Another version of you wasn't so lucky. Quiet now. Just enjoy the ending cinematic."
    — Dr. O'Ryen Outro
  • "Don't worry. I'll get you out of this gunk. Okay! Let's make a break for it. We're almost there! Oh no!"
    — Fred Chexter Outro
  • "You truly are the perfect mix."
    — Admiral Wheet
  • "I'm just getting started."
    — Wheatney Ending
    — Dr. O'Ryen Ending
  • "After the celebration, the International Federation of Snacks, IFS, elected the most well-spoken member of the squadron to manage the Chex Mix social media accounts. But I fear the IFS has underestimated the need for human emotions. Perhaps it is due to the humans' primitive language, or their overexposure to memes. I have enjoyed the peacefulness of office life, but according to my predictive algorithm for human behavior, peace like this won't last long and my time as social media manager will come to an... end. So, when the day comes for me to return to Bazoik, I will say to my followers and trolls alike, 'This is not goodbye, it's BRB TTYL SOS TGIF.'"
    — PRETZL Ending
  • "So I rode off into the sunrise. I meant to ride off into the sunset, but they look awful doggone similar!"
    — Shane McBread Ending
  • "Admiral Wheet! Please tell me you're here to send me back to Bazoik..."
    — NACL96 Ending
  • "By this point, I've been battling the Flemoids since '96. So it was time for me to throw myself back into my greatest adventure of all: fatherhood. As you may have expected, I apply the same intensity to home life as I do my hero life. I don't run errands, I sprint them! I don't take temperatures, I give them! I stung the spelling bee! And I grill with the strength of ten dads! Do I miss the life of adventure? Sure. But real fatherhood isn't just about me. It's about the youngsters; the next generation: Fred Junior, Fredalina, other Fred Junior. Just look at their triceps! They'll be saving the galaxy in no time. *Ahem.* Yep, looks like my heroing days are over. Oh no!"
    — Fred Chexter Ending
  • "Well this is ridiculous. You saved every member of the Chex Mix Squadron from a cavern full of unstoppable Flemoids from another dimension, and all you got was this lousy voice message?"
    — General Puffer Ending