A picture of round 1.

Chex Quest 4 was an unofficial shooting game which was thought to be long lost, but now available for download at the Chex Quest Gallery.

There are all new graphics in Chex Quest 4. Music from Chex Quest 4 is from previous games Chex Quest and Chex Quest 2. The story takes place on a new dessert style planet by the name of Nebloit. A portal to the Flem Dimension was opened in a pyramid on Nebloit. Your task is to fend of the flemoids and close the pyramid to stop the flemoids from escaping.


A picture of round 3.


A picture of the winning animation.

There are a total of 11 rounds in Chex Quest 4 where you must survive for 180 seconds except for the last round where you face off the boss "The Slime Guard". The Commonus, Bipedicus, and Cycloptis are in the game along with a new flemoid by the name of Tripodilus.

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