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For the official game, see Chex Quest 3

Chex Quest 3 was a fan-made sequel to Chex Quest 2. It was discovered soon after its release, however, that most, if not all, of the games content had been stolen from various other .WADs. For this reason, it served mainly to damage the reputation of the other Chex Quest games. Because of this, it is rather dangerous to mention this game when talking to some Chex Quest fans. The Chex Quest 3 game was never put up on either the Digital Cafe page or the Chex Quest site. You can still find CQ3 at various sites on the web.

Preview of the game[]

  • Some weapons, enemies had the sound effects and sprites taken from HacX and items from HacX appear as decorations instead of pick-ups.


  • E1M1: Military Outpost (Chex Quest 3 (unofficial))
  • E1M2: Bomb Shelter (Chex Quest 3 (unofficial))
  • E1M3: Command Center (Chex Quest 3 (unofficial))
  • E1M4: Prison Base (Chex Quest 3 (unofficial))
  • E1M5: Naval Station (Chex Quest 3 (unofficial))