Chex Quest: The Great Invasion is a fan-made Chex Quest expansion created by LAZ Trooper.


Ted Chexxer sits at his desk, working on his latest book, when he gets a phone call from the International Federation of Cereals, telling him to report to the IFC Army Reserve Base outside of Chexville to counter a new flemoid invasion. He steps out his door, only to find that the flemoids have already reached his house. He battles his way to the base, fighting through hoards of flemoids. Upon reaching the base, he sets out with his squadron, but gets separated and has to fight his way back. By that time, the flemoid invasion is at it's height, and a full counter attack must be initiated. Once the invasion has been quelled, Chexxer must fly to Ralston's moon and stop the flemoids' portal.


Episode 1: A New InvasionEdit

  • E1M1: Chexburg
  • E1M2: Chexaco World HQ
  • E1M3: Cheerio Avenue
  • E1M4: Eatmore Mansion
  • E1M5: Chexview Mall
  • E1M6: Chexville Hotel
  • E1M7: Chexville Greenhouses
  • E1M8: Chexville City Limits
  • E1M9: Undeveloped

Episode 2: First LightEdit

  • E2M1: Sunrise Plaza
  • E2M2: Chexonite Mineral Mine
  • E2M3: Chexworth State Park
  • E2M4: Charles Kix Dam
  • E2M5: Down River
  • E2M6: Uncharted Cave
  • E2M7: Historic Ruins
  • E2M8: Mills Zorch Factory
  • E2M9: In My Day

Episode 3: The Great WarEdit

  • E3M5: Behind Enemy Lines
  • E3M7: Beachside Resort
  • E3M8: Carnation Castle

Episode 4: The Final QuestEdit

  • E4M1: Mission Control
  • E4M2: Corn Canaveral
  • E4M3: Outpost S.24
  • E4M4: Abandoned Mine
  • E4M5: Slime River
  • E4M6: Flemoid Research Center
  • E4M8: The Last Battle


Levels E1M1 through E1M9 have been completed, with a full 36 levels planned. The current WAD release is Version 1.0.

There is also an "Official Bootlegger" version for GZDoom.


  • Engine: Doom Legacy
  • Version: 1.0
  • Credits: DigitalCafe, Charles Jacobi, The Slimeinator, LAZ Trooper

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