Chex Quest: The Final Fight is a project created by Alice Jameson. It is currently in hiatus but not yet dead. Only the first 3 levels have been worked on as of yet.


Chex Quest: The Final Fight

This is a fan-made sequel to Chex Quest 3 with a new episode plus added secret levels. The 5th episode is just some zorchmatch levels. Many of the original levels are redone adding some details and a secret level for each episode. Kinda like Doom.

The story takes place a bit after Chex Quest 3. After zorching Lord Snotfolus everything seemed fine. But you knew this peace would not last. And you were right. One day, when you were just coming back from a training mission, you caught sight of a flemoid meteor ship on the horizon. The flemoids had returned.

But how? You contact the IFC to find out more. It would seem that the IFC have been doing a bit of research into the flemoid dimension since the last invasion. What they've found was that Lord Snotfolus was not their only leader. They have a Queen.

The IFC has remodified your zorchers once more. This time they will zorch the flemoids away to the newly discovered Yogurt Dimension. They figure if they can't stay in their own dimension they can go sink in the hills of yogurt.

So your mission is clear. Make your way through the space rift the flemoids have created into the Flemoid Dimension and locate the Queen. Zorch her and as many flemoids as you can to the Yogurt Dimension.

E1M6: UntitledEdit

A secret level added onto the original Chex Quest.

E2M6: UntitledEdit

A secret level added onto Chex Quest 2.

E3M6: UntitledEdit

A secret level added onto Chex Quest 3.

E4M1: Home, Sweet HomeEdit

E4M1 begins on the Chex home world. The flemoids have invaded again and much has been taken over. This level includes a Chex factory.

E4M2: A Captive ShipEdit

This level takes place on Fred Chexter's ship as he heads towards the Flemoid Dimension.

E4M3: TouchdownEdit

The first level of this mod located on the Flemoid planet.

E4M4: FlemtopolisEdit

Located in the Flemoids capital city. You zorch your way through the city going through small caves and even a Brand X cereal factory.

E4M5: The Queen's TempleEdit

The final level of the new episode. You travel through the flemoids hierarchy on your way to the throne room for your final battle with the Queen Flemoid.

E4M6: UntitledEdit

A secret level added onto the Fourth episode "Flemoid Dimension".

E5M1: UntitledEdit

E5M2: UntitledEdit

E5M3: UntitledEdit

E5M4: UntitledEdit

E5M5: UntitledEdit

E5M6: UntitledEdit

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