Chex Quest: Project Z is a CQ PWAD created by Zorchdude for GZDooM, utilising DECORATE and Hexen's ACS for recreating the original flemoid behaviour and special, funky effects that make the game more fun or challenging to play!

The project was cancelled in 2009, reaching v1.6. He had grown tired of the story, the direction of the mapping & even the name of the mod. It's successor headed by ZorchDude, was entitled Chex Quest World Trek, it had reached v1.01 in 2011. The only thing that wasn't changed was the best map from PZ, the streets.


The flemoids are at it again in another action packed adventure! But this time Fred Chexter nor the flemoids will be alone in the fight... Creatures called Hydraks are in the middle of a civil war, caused by a creature so terrifying you can only call it... ...PROJECT Z...

Chex Quest: Project Z has a more serious take on the somewhat childish Chexiverse, with wars and death and all that. It also introduces some new creatures, such as the Hydraks and the mysterious Project Z...


In the game, you can find a list of flemoids and other enemies there >>> [1]


The story, at current, is: The chex warrior has just returned from the Meteorsite. (See Chex Quest 3) He recalls back to the first time he stopped the flemoids, when a thought comes to his mind...

Why are they so... hostile?

He shrugs the thought off as his comlink starts buzzing. "We need you at IFC Bazoik division!" The general commands. "Yes sir!" He zooms off in his spaceship from his home...


CQ:PZ includes four episodes-

The flemoids return

IFC Command under attack

Chaos in the stars

Black hole

Each episode has a different theme, each more fun and surprising then the other!

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