Project F is a total conversion of Wolfenstein 3D shareware edition, it will feature 10 levels.

In Project F, instead of playing as Fred Chexter, you play as a special form of Bipedicus which can reform and mutate it's extensions for various flem uses.


Knife-----Flem Arm


Machine Gun-----Two Arms

Chain Gun-----???


Chex Person, they replace the brown guard. It has been discovered that there are small amount of zorch in slime, so the Chex People always have an emergency can of slime.

Domesticated Flem Larva, it replaces the guard dog. They have been domesticated, and through domestication, they have lost their long range slimming, and are very sensitive to zorch, thus your slime zorches them back to the flem dimension.

Minizorcher Dualwielder, replaces the machinegunner. These guys duel-wield minizorchers, so they can fire with high speed. Thanks to Kuwabara for the Idea.

???, Replaces Hans. You'll just have to wait and see!


Project F had a good deal of controversy when people kept confusing it with Project Z, so now Project F is now just the project name, and another name shall be added to the first full beta.

Delays And CutbacksEdit

Due to reasons unknown, Wolf3D.exe only compiles if you have the full version, and the realization of this caused Batmanifestdestiny to become extremely discouraged, thus putting the project on a virtual halt. The game will eventually come out, but it will most likely still go with the original difficulty names as Wolfenstein 3D.

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