Chex Quest: Mob Style, is a Chex Quest fan game. Mob720 is known in the community for creating such infamous wads as Flem HQ, Mob's Levels, and CQ Boxing. This level group is his best and is well known by the CQ community.

Episodes and LevelsEdit

Episode 1Edit

  1. Botanical Museum
  2. Industrial Zone
  3. School
  4. Central Processing
  5. Flem HQ (re-vamped)

The secret Level is the Lost City of Ur. It is very short but is creative. Mob720 is yet to complete episode 2, and hasn't started the last 2 episodes. Episode 2 is called "Escape from Flem HQ." The setting is based in an IFC building taken over by flemoids.

Episode 2Edit

  1. Tripping the Alarm
  2. Power Core
  3. Cereal Containment Area
  4. Intelligence Building
  5. First Floor

Secret Level is still yet to be decided.

Current StatusEdit

The first episode is complete, and the second is well underway. Mob720 plans to have a replacement for the Cyberdemon and a new set of music in the final version.

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