Chex Quest 3Edit

In 2008, in the Chex Quest Fan Forums, a group of fans, led by Replica, proposed the making of a new Chex Quest 3, to replace the old, stolen one. It is proposed that it will contain all new user-made content, so as to try to remedy the damage done to the Chex Quest games by the original, stolen CQ 3.

Journey of LegendsEdit

Charles Jacobi then announced the making of the official Chex Quest 3, which put this mod in an awkward position. Replica has now renamed the mod "Chex Quest: Journey of Legends", which will give the game more of a serous feel, along with using the plot.


The team was destroyed very fast. Only Replica is left, though he has had some help with Atriangamer for a map.

Story lineEdit

This begins right after Chuckers' Chex Quest 3. You are being rewarded by the Federation of Cereal. Suddenly you here "owwwwwwwwww", and flemoids walk in and goo your commander to the floor. You pick up your zorcher and blast the flemoids around. Heading east, to the central command center, the only way to get there is to go through the forest. Chexter knows that the fastest way to the forest is to take a short cut through the prison. Heading that way, he saves a few guards, and discovers that the flemoids have kidnapped the convicts held there. Chexter, entering the Command center, meets a general battling a Maximus. He enlightens Chexter on how big the invasion is, and whats happening while the flemoids have their gooey hands on a teleporter, made to enter the flemoid realm. Creating a jail, the FOC has now conducted tests to send flemoids zorched to the prison. The downfall is the limits on how many flemoids held. Now the general, knowing Chexter's status and the fact that he is the only hope for the FOC, sends him through to the flemoid dimension.

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