In the original game, cheat codes were based off the names of people who worked at Digital Cafe.

Chex Quest Original Doom Effect
allen idbeholdr Gives slime-proof suit (Time limited)
marybregi idbeholdi Activates partial invisibility (Time limited)
andrewbenson idbeholdv Activates invincibility (Time limited)
digitalcafe idbeholda Gives Computer Area Map
joshuastorms idbeholdl Activates light amplification mode
deanhyers idbeholds Activates berserk mode (Powerful spoon and 100% health)
joelkoenigs idchoppers Gives Super Bootspork
leesnyder1& idclev$# Level skip (Note: # indicates you must type a number between 1 and 9. & indicates you must type a number between 1 and 5. $ indicates you must type a number between 1 and 4.)
davidbrus iddqd Activates god mode
sherrill iddt Gives full map (Type once for the full map, type again for enemy positions. Type a third time to revert back to normal. You must type while in map mode. {hit TAB})
scottholman idfa Gives all zorchers and full ammo
mikekoenigs idkfa Gives all zorchers, full ammo, and all keys
idmus## idmus## Select music (Same code for both. The # signs indicate a number between 0 and 9. Enter a number between 11 and 45. Type carefully! If you enter a number that's too low, like 05, the game will crash. If you enter a number that's too high, like 67, it will say, "impossible selection".)
kimhyers idmypos Shows the player's coordinates and compass direction in hexadecimal
charlesjacobi idspispopd Activates no clipping mode (A.K.A. walk through walls mode)

If you are using Legacy, press the ? button in the single map setting. Expand cheats, and those are what you can use in-game by bringing down the console (the "~" button).

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