Chaos on Flemoid Prime is a fan-made Chex Quest expansion created by The Green Avenger. It takes place ten years after the events of Chex Quest 2, and follows the exploits of the Chex Warrior as he is sent to fight the flemoids on their home planet.


Ten years after sending the Flemoids back to their own dimension. By tracking the remains of the flemoid attack force as they retreated, the Intergalactic Federation of Cereals have found the flemoid's dimension. After years of monitoring the operations on the planet only known as Flemoid Prime, they have detected high energy levels coming from a base on the planet's largest continent. After a while of investigation, scientists have found that it comes from a large transporter, very similar to the Federation's own. The Chex Warrior is again sent to save the day. Due to interference from the transporter, he must fight through several flemoid facilities, as well as going through their sewers, to destroy the transporter. Join the Warrior to save the Federation once more!


The project currently contains 8 levels, E1M1-E1M6 and E2M1-E2M2, and will contain new enemies and items, as well as at least one episode full of levels. The current WAD may be found on its creator's homesite.

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